It’s no secret that parent involvement is a huge factor in a student’s success. BringUp’s mission is to help families with elementary school students establish a habit of talking about school at a young age. BringUp engages parents in their child’s education and classroom curriculum by utilizing simple technology without placing additional burden on teachers or IT administrators.


BringUp’s founders, Kevin and Will, worked closely with teachers, principals, and parents in under-resourced communities to understand gaps in parent engagement. While all parents wish for their children to be successful in the classroom, their own educational experiences combined with cultural differences prevent them from becoming fully engaged. Kevin and Will designed BringUp to help parents talk with their children about school at home, by triggering daily conversation without formal instructions or nagging reminders. BringUp is designed around families and conversation, not technology.



Will Mederski


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Will spent seven years in politics, working on various grassroots campaigns before moving to Washington, D.C. where he lobbied for reform in a number of arenas including economics, education, science & technology.

Will brings to the table a never-weary passion for affecting deep cultural change and a designer’s eye on the details.

Kevin mc sm

Kevin McCann


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Kevin believes that early education is the most important factor in the development of the next generation. Prior to BringUp, Kevin designed entertainment lighting control consoles used on Broadway, at Saturday Night Live and in event venues across the world. He moved to Austin for a stint in semiconductor marketing as well to develop his interaction design skills.

Kevin reaches out to partner schools and teachers to help spread the value of BringUp. He also leads development.