Beta Launch – Winter Semester 2015

BringUp is accepting classrooms into our Beta Launch next semester!

Teachers can use BringUp for free next semester!

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How It Works

Teachers Enter Lesson Plans

BringUp provides a streamlined interface to enter, track and update daily lesson plan highlights to share with parents about what their child learned that day.

Parents Receive a Text Message

Lesson plan highlights are sent to parents daily. No smartphone or special app required.

Parents Engage Children

Parents receive the messages at the time they chose when they are with their children. Conversation can happen at home, in the car, or at the store.

BringUp Is


Uses a teacher’s existing lesson plan. Automatically sent to parents each evening.


Text messaging is ubiquitous, bridging all demographics & languages.


Discussion about school can happen anywhere: in the car, in the checkout line & at the dinner table.


Just enough information at just the right time.

What Parents and Teachers Are Saying

We need a completely different approach to getting families involved.
Devon, Teacher
There are a lot of initiatives that I think the parents don’t always hear about until later or not at all!”
Megan, Parent
Right now I only call parents for negative reasons, discipline etc… I’d love to give the parents more regular feedback, especially positive.
Anna, Teacher


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